Little Belhus Country Park

A new country park being developed in South Ockendon, Essex

86 hectares of former gravel pit and landfill site in South Ockendon, is now being developed into a new country park.

The park is divided into three areas; North Field, South Field and East Field. North Field being furthest from habitation will be predominately managed for wildlife but South Field being nearer the houses can have more visitor attractions. East Field being next to the main entrance off Arisdale Avenue includes the car park and is a Local Wildlife Site due to its insect life. The finished areas have been opened up to the public.

Volunteers are welcome to join in the work at Little Belhus Country Park.

November 2014. Hedgerow planting using trees supplied by Woodland Trust. June 2017. A lovely sight to greet visitors arriving at the car park. June 2015. Looking north at the north pond (since named as Wochaduna Waters). (ref point C) June 2017. Wildflowers in Coronation Meadow. Dec 2017. The newest recruits to the workforce, 2 horses to graze the wild flower meadow.

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